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Customer Reviews

Kate Kalaitzi

"For me the best Greek place in Edinburgh! Authentic Greek food, massive portions and great value for money!"

Steve Tyler

"I was lucky enough to try their food when they had their restaurant in Kos, Greece. This place made me feel like I was back there ❤️"

James T Harding

"Delicious pork gyros and Greek salad, friendly staff, and great value for money"

Angeliki Gkini

"Super tasty Greek food, juicy gyros, perfect portions exactly like Greece, very friendly staff , fast service ! Highly recommended!"

Federico Fernández

"Best Greek food I've had in a long time. Good portions, well priced, and it tastes amazing. "

Rob Bob

"Food here is fantastic, and they have some great vegetarian options which I really appreciate. Will definitely bring coming back!"

Laura Ashlock

"Delicious food, friendly service. Can't recommend enough! "


"Absolutely delicious, excellent service and food came out quickly. Was so fresh and well priced will definitely be coming back "

Cameron McHenry

"Amazing food and friendly service. The food is very tasty and reasonably priced! Frequented by lots of Greeks too so you know it must be good!"

Yishan Ho

"Fantastic food with amazing price!"


"The gryos wrap is simply amazing and one wrap can be a meal in itself with the amazing Tzatziki , salad and fries, wrap in pitta bread with succulent meat. "